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Holistic Wellness Index &
Personalized Health Motivation

ReHealthier measures your  Holistic Wellness Index and decides the way to motivates your to execute your health habits in a fun and relaxing manner. The Holistic Wellness Index is calculated from your nutritional, spiritual, and social aspects of health. With ReHealthier artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms, Personalized Health Motivation strategies are scientifically figured out to drive you the lifestyle rebuild journey easily, that in turn increase your Holistic Wellness Index.

Cardio Risk Cal'tor Chatbot

Estimate your Systolic Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Risk with ReHealthier machine learning algorithms.
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Life & Medical Insurers ​​

Corporate Wellness

ReHealthier  allows Life & Medical I nsurers to deploy their own branded digital  health   motivation  and improvement solutions for their individual and corporate clients.  
ReHealthier  allows corporates to carry out staff wellness programs with designed digital corporate wellness engagement solutions for enhancing corporate morale and staff productivity.
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Health Solution Providers

ReHealthier  allows Health Solution Providers  to motivate their clients the daily health behaviour and to inform their clients with targeted health products and services.
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ReHealthier AI Health Coach

Showcase solution of ReHealthier Motivation Platform

80% of people quit the health programs because:

they feel it is hard
they feel it is not fun
they feel embarrassed about non-compliance
they don't really motivated

ReHealthier motivates those unmotivated
by Artificial Intelligence technology.