ReHealthier AI Platform
   ReHealthier is an AI Health Motivation platform.
The backend functionalities can be integrated into customers’ own portals/app.
Customers to create user journeys and client-facing applications tailored specifically.

Engaging AI HealthChat Platform

is an AI chatbot platform with unique hybrid approaches of linguistic rule-based and machine learning for a human-like response. Key information from the conversation will be extracted for building up a user profile.   

Social Context Mining Platform

keeps track of users lifestyle by understanding their social footprint. This facilitates truly personalised health strategies to be fit into user social life.     

AI Gamification Platform

motivates users to execute daily health “mission”. Integrated with commercial AI platform, users would find the health mission fun and engaging. The platform would also interact with users to track their promotion of health attitude.        

AI User Classification and Motivation Platform

classifies users into different types and decides  the best  way to motivate each user by deep learning. The AI platform predicts user health progress as well as the potential risks of quitting the health programs, so as to strategize more targeted engagement approaches to particular user groups.       

AI Motivational Interviewing Platform

(to be available)    

Showcase Mobile App :
ReHealthier Artificial Intelligence Health Coach

is developed to demonstrate above platforms. Both iOS and Android versions are available for download from AppStore and PlayStore respectively.