EatRite隨身營養顧問 ​
EatRite - Portable Nutritionist
Eat Rite 自動提供香港地道餐廳常見食物的卡路里。

只要透過Eat Rite將鏡頭對準餐牌, 秒間便能得知所有卡路里!
然後輕輕一按, 就能夠記錄你的選擇。
清晰易明的紀錄, 看看這天有沒有超標?

Eat Rite automatically provides calories of common food in Hong Kong restaurants.​

Just aim the camera at the menu and you will know all the calories in seconds!
Then with a single click, you can record your choice.
Eat Rite provides you easy-to-read record, see if you have a good control of food intake today?

Our Key Features

Eat Rite 幫助你能夠在下單前選擇對的食物, 避免卡路里陷阱, 亦避免浪費食物。

Eat Rite helps you choose the right food before placing an order. Avoid calorie traps and avoid wasting food.

You can also input your health check report, to facilitate the health analysis more accurate.

Eat Rite個性化你的帳戶,  並適時接收符合你需要的營養資訊。

Eat Rite app uses your basic information to personalize your account. This allows you to receive nutrition information relevant to you at the right time.

Eat Rite還與Health App接駁,以同步您的步伐和心跳。方便您集中使用一個手機程式管理健康。

Besides this, Eat Rite is integrated with Health App, to synchronize your step and heartbeat. This allows you to conveniently manage health within one app.
EatRite隨身營養顧問 ​​​
EatRite - Portable Nutritionist
Eat Rite 所提供的卡路里及營養資訊只為參考作用。
Eat Rite provided calories and health info are for reference only.