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  ReHealthier business model is B2B2C, while the Showcase App is available (iOS/Android).    
The goal of ReHealthier is to strengthen health and well-being through active engagement and motivating users riding on artificial intelligence analytic technology
and health behavioural science.
Insurance and Airline Service Companies are using ReHealthier platform to Manage and Motivate their Staff Wellness
BACHcode has launched Powered by ReHealthier AI platform targeting corporate wellness markets.  ReHealthier works with our medical service partner iCare.iCheck in a co-brand approach. We now serving large corporates by providing on-site health check and ReHealthier AI Health solution for their staff wellness.

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ReHealthier AI Motivation Solution.
Working with ReHealthier
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Various Ways ReHealthier Benefits Our Corporate Clients

Health Insurers

Wellness Service Providers   

  • ReHealthier is implemented for the design of their medical Insurance clients’ journey.
  • ReHealthier aims to improve the health of clients and to reduce the medical claims.
  • Besides, more personalised insights of the clients can be obtained through ReHealthier social context platform, to facilitate insurers recommendations for the suitable insurance plan to a particular group of users
  • ReHealthier is deployed for providers’ clients.
  • ReHealthier improves the loyalty of clients by engaging the clients through ReHealthier gamification and intelligence health chat platform.
  • ReHealthier AI platform decides which clients required further checkups or health solutions from their health data (bio/psych/soc) collected.

Corporate Wellness

  • ReHealthier health gamification platform facilitates staff engagement programs organised by corporate HR and management.
  • Health Chat platform is deployed as a health friend for staffs, so as to increase their self-efficacy of health.
  • Staff productivity and morale are raised.
Corporate Wellness Flyer | pdf