ReHealthier platform is equipped with a board range of functionalities and services
Track Health Data
Gamify Daily Health Behaviours
Compute Holistic Wellness Index
Track the health data of users, including biological, psychological and social aspects, prepare for deep learning analysis for health motivation strategies.
Gamify daily health behaviours in an easy, funny and motivating manners. Behaviour science is deployed to promote user progress, and health attitude.

User biological, psychological and social progress is scienifically calculated as a Holistic Wellness Index, which serves as an indicator for users and health service provider/insurers as for health improvement purposes.
Deep Learn Health Motivation Strategies
Educate & Raise
Deep-learn to predict the health progress, and potential challenge of users and to decide the health motivation strategies of users and predict progress. 
Raise the self-efficacy, facilitate the presentation of self of users for the health improvement and long-term engagement as from health behavioural science.   
Description o f ReHealthier Platform